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International Programs

Study Abroad in Paradise Island with IDB Bali

Join our Semester or Shortcourse Program and discover the wonders of Bali while enhancing your skills and knowledge. You will enjoy the beauty and diversity of this island, its culture, people, and nature.

About International Programs

Institut Desain dan Bisnis Bali (IDB Bali) presents a series of International Programs in both academic and non-academic fields. IDB Bali International Programs aim to create a global learning environment, prepare students for the challenges of an increasingly connected world, and advance the institution’s educational mission at an international level. By upholding the vision and mission of IDB Bali, IDB Bali International Programs aims to achieve the following:

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Supporting diversity and inclusion to create a diverse and inclusive learning environment, by introducing students from different cultural backgrounds, ethnicities, and countries.

Enhance global understanding to broaden their horizons about the wider world, develop an understanding of global issues, and apply a global perspective in their thinking and research.

Expand learning opportunities for students to study abroad through student exchanges, field study programs, or dual degree programs.

Strengthen the reputation of IDB Bali at the global level. With active cooperation in international cooperation, collaborative research, and academic exchanges are likely to have a higher profile and be recognized in the international education community.

Build a global network in establishing partnerships with institutions abroad, building strong academic networks, and engaging faculty and students in collaborative projects.

Study Abroad Programs

We offer two programs in cooperation with StudyInBali: a 15-week program and a 4-week program (Summer School). These programs are designed to provide you with an immersive and enriching learning experience in Bali.

Tropical Architecture, Interior & Green Design

Bali is one of the most popular travel destinations in the world, blessed with a unique blend of artful, traditional architecture, and also modern Western influences. The hotel and villa architecture is characterized by buildings that harmoniously combine eastern and western design concepts to give an adorable outward appearance. The...

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Tropical Architecture

In a 4-week program, the Tropical Architecture Summer School at Institut Desain & Bisnis Bali (formerly known as Sekolah Tinggi Desain Bali STDB) provides international students and graduates with insights into the tropical architecture of Southeast Asia. In a comprehensive course participants will work together on complex tasks with regard...

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Travel Photography & Videography

In this 4-week course, participants will learn the fundamentals of photography and videography while exploring one of the most popular island destinations in the world: Bali. With its varied landscape of hills and mountains, rugged coastlines and sandy beaches, lush rice terraces and barren volcanic hillsides—all of which provide a...

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International Research Program

Doing Research Allows You to Learn in A Practical Way

The close cooperation with the IDB Bali International Program allows us to help interested students, alumni, teachers, researchers or professors to conduct research projects in Bali. Whole research projects, joint research, case studies, data analysis and much more is possible. Contact us to tell us more about your ideas and how we can work together.

No matter what phase of your research you are in, we are happy about every possible cooperation.

Visiting Professor/Lecturer

IDB Bali welcomes international academics from accredited universities who hold a master, doctoral degree and professionals with an equivalent level degree to teach, lecture or perform on a topic through interaction with IDB Bali counterparts for a period of one to six months.

International Joint Teaching

IDB Bali have well-established partnerships with a number of leading academic institutions in the world. It makes IDB Bali creating opportunities for academician in the world to do joint teaching programs with lecturer in IDB Bali. Register yourself, and be a part to integrate your knowledge for undergraduate and postgraduate pathways with joint teaching program.

International Joint Teaching with Practitioners

The Program of Teaching with Practitioners is a program that invites practitioners from various scientific fields to teach at IDB Bali with the Join or Full teaching scheme. In this program, practitioners can share knowledge, experience, skills and tips that are used in the real world of work.

International Joint Seminar

The International Joint Seminar is a program launched by IDB Bali to express their ideas and share knowledge in the form of online and offline seminars. Participants can be from IDB Bali and other universities students, lecturers and staffs.

Apply Visa for Student

Before you begin your semester abroad at IDB Bali, you need to get the right visa. Visit Visa and Student Visa are recommended. IDB Bali officially requires international students to apply for a visit visa or student visa. However, the visa is not checked when studies start. Therefore, it is possible for those traveling on a short notice to enter Indonesia even with a tourist visa or visa on arrival, but not for STUDY.


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